Staying Ahead of the Snow: Emergency Kit Edition


You never know what can happen in the snow and that’s why it’s important to stay prepared! We always advise you to keep an emergency kit in your car, no matter the day or the season, but it’s especially important during winter. In fact, an emergency kit prepared for winter weather can mean the difference between life or death. We know that there has already been some snow but it’s better late than never to make sure you’re ready for the worst case scenario. These are just some of the items you need for to keep your Emergency Kit ready to combat winter:

A Bag of Sand Or Kitty Litter

Kitty Litter and sand have multiple uses. The most common is that they provide friction for your tires when you’re stuck on a particularly icy road, driveway, or parking spot. But they can also help during wet, rainy seasons as well. Just as Kitty Litter works to melt ice and create friction for your tires so they can pull you out of a jom, Kitty Litter can do the same when you’re stuck in the mud. Kitty Litter will absorb the moisture in the mud and add the much needed traction to pull you out of that muddy situation.


Shovels are a necessity in the winter months. With constant changes in the weather systems or with Snowplows clearing the streets, you never know when you’ll need a shovel to untrap your car or dig out some space near your tires so that you can lay down some kitty litter or sand. Be sure to keep a small shovel in your car, just in case.

Non-Perishable Food & Water

Are you prepared to be trapped on the side of the road for more than 12 hours in hazardous weather? Do you have food or even water to drink if you’re trapped? These questions pinpoint why exactly you need to keep non-perishable food and water in your car. Some suggested food items are protein or fruit bars, dry cereal or granola, peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts, and/or crackers. Fun fact: Fritos are considered non-perishable and can act as kindling when you need to start a fire.

Flashlight, Flares, & Matches Galore

While this one might seem a little obvious, but most people don’t have all three light sources and only have one or two in their emergency kit. It is always beneficial to have all 3 light sources in your vehicle because each source is used for a different purpose. Flashlights are important for when you need an extended light source, like when experiencing a mechanical failure or changing a tire at night.

Flares on the other hand, are extremely handy when you’ve had an accident in an area that’s hard to see. Flares are meant to alert other drivers that you are there on the side of the road or, in the worst case, in the road. They are not really meant to be used in order to see while matches are meant to make starting a fire easier. The purpose of matches is to create a heat source. Because each source of light satisfies a different goal and purpose, it’s important to keep all three in your car. You’ll never know when you might need them.

The First Aid Kit

Last, but surely not least. You should always have a first aid kit in your car. First aid kits are important not only for major injuries but the minor ones too! How often have you injured yourself while you were out but no one had any first aid materials? By keeping a kit in your car, you are sure that no matter where you go, there will be a first aid kit near by. This can help minimize major wounds or treat minor ones altogether. First Aid kits are also important if you ever get into an accident. They can help keep you alive after an accident, especially as you wait for professional help.

Don’t Forget the Winter Inspection

After you’ve created your emergency kit, make sure you get your vehicle inspected for the winter. A winter inspection gives you a deeper insight on how your car is performing and prepares it for the winter blues. Schedule your winter inspection with Spotlight Automotive today!


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